A Bialystock Production

"Look at me... Max Bialystock, the great producer!
I'm wearing a cardboard belt!"   (Zero Mostel   in  'The Producers')

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From this site I'd like to make available some little pieces of software I have written as my personal attempt to contribute back one tiny drop to the vast ocean of free (as in freedom) software and open source software that makes my daily computing experience a pleasurable one.

At present there are a couple of programs written by me available from here, written in the Python programming language using python's Tkinter oop interface to the Tk GUI toolkit:

pyChing is a program that allows you to consult the I Ching. "What's that?", I hear you ask. You can find out more about pyChing, and download it, at the pyChing web page.

pyWings allows you to consult an original modern oracle called Newwings. You can check pyWings out at the pyWings web page. Newwings can also be consulted online at its author's website http://www.artwells.com/newwings.

If you're a python programmer you might also want to check out the IDLEfork project, which I have been a contributor to.

One day I hope to have some other software available here, time, sanity, and the inscrutable machinations of fate permitting. ;-)

[pyChing] [pyWings]

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